Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm a bleeder!

18 months of remission be damned... I have no platelets again.

So my fitness has taken a backseat because of the restrictions I'm under because of that... no risk of straining muscles, no lifting, no pain relievers, no alcohol.

I'm also being urged to avoid being shot or getting in a car crash.. you know any major trauma. It sucks. Bella is mad I can't pick her up and she's forced to spend time in her dog bed instead.

The real joy for you dear readers is that I'm being forced back onto a strange and wondrous diet in hopes it will help boost the platelets. It's an alternative treatment for a disease that has no real treatement.

I mean that, the only thing the doctors can come up with is to put me on steroids, which I have refused for seven years now. Instead I troll message boards for experimental treatments that have worked for the other few people that have this crap.

You know I always wanted to be special... would have preferred to not do so by getting a bizarro disease a million people in the world have.

Anyway, back to my new diet. Macrobiotics baby. I don't get to eat anything that tastes good, but I'll lose weight and hopefully have platelets again.

I also take 4 times the recommended dose of Vitamin C. Two experimental treatments at once.

I'm daring like that.


  1. I eat similarly at the moment, though the concentration is on lots of veggies and beans, some grains and some nuts. I like it, but then I love to cook and don't eat meat or much dairy any way. Good luck! I hope your platelets shape up.

  2. I'm much more into cooking now than I was the last time I did this diet so I think it will be better.

    The hardest thing will be giving up cheese.

  3. Yeah, that's a gradual thing. I hardly miss it now, but that's been after removing it slowly for about a year. If you're brave, try sprinkling some nutritional yeast over pasta or rice dishes. It doesn't taste like cheese, but it has a nice salty flavor. I am a little addicted.

  4. Man! I like all of the alternative stuff too. My mom who has RA swears by her alternative treatments. Good luck my dear!