Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taking Control

Originally this was going to be a blog about taking trips and staying within some parameters of being healthy... not gorging yourself cause you're in a new area code.

You see I had planned on hopping in my Jetta and heading to Kansas City last night to visit my long lost BFF who now lives there. Instead my doctor told me my platelets were kaput and I needed to take it easy this weekend.

Yes readers, the autoimmune disease I've referred to in the past chose the one weekend I had big plans to flare up. I'll let wikipedia break down the nitty gritty of ITP:

So I got the call about 10:30 that my body had for no apparent reason decided to start attacking itself again and started feeling really whiny and mopey (sorry to those of you I snapped at in person, and the ones I whined to via Twitter you were all lovely to my moodiness) and immediately felt the need to eat something sugary and unhealthy.

Good old emotional eating, it's the reason I need to lose this weight in the first place and it's always a crutch in the back of my head. Boy doesn't call, show doesn't go well, reach for empty calories. It's been my biggest challenge with this project.

Instead of reaching for the chips or candy I went home and rolled around in the floor with my dogs. It helped a lot, of course, they're the most adorable dogs ever.

And I'm working on becoming a stress runner instead of a stress eater, instead of wanting a pizza when I'm stressed or mopey I want a long sweaty run.

We'll see how that goes.


  1. I recommend the sweaty run, it really does help more than sugar or pizza!

  2. Good job with acknowledging when, where, and why you have those cravings and getting a back up plan instead!

  3. Thanks guys, I'm doing okay with the emotional eating. I have reached for chocolate at least once... but no gorging on fast food.