Friday, February 12, 2010

Gym Rat...

I did it. I joined a gym.

I've been a member before, but the classes never worked with my schedule. But I really need something to mix it up with the running.

So I'm going to check the class schedules and start adding Body Pump, Pilates and whatever classes suit my fancy into my workout regime. We'll see how I do.

Just like the regimen of the training schedule is keeping me on the treadmill, I think the discipline of a class will keep me going. Plus now that I've started to lose weight I really need to start toning up.

I want Michelle Obama arms.

1 comment:

  1. My mom and I did Body Pump for awhile when I was in college and let me tell you - the pain I felt in the days that followed was the worst I've hurt in my entire life. CHILDBIRTH INCLUDED. I couldn't even go down stairs. Up stairs, somehow yes - going downstairs required the use of muscles that I had totally maxed out at Body Pump. I was that bitch taking elevators from the second to the first floors.