Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thrifting it up...

Mems and I were chatting about my wardrobe the other day.. and the topic came up that I either need to get more hardcore on the losing weight train... or break down and by more clothes.

Right now I'm in that spot where my fat clothes are too big... and my skinny clothes are too small... so I've been living in yoga pants, jeans and t-shirts. It's not terribly fashion forward or attractive.

But I don't want to throwdown cash on clothes that I'll hopefully not be able to fit into soon... so I decided to go for the next best option... Thrift stores.

I loaded up my kid sister and hit two shops I know I can usually find stuff at... first up the Thrift store at 11th and Memorial.

Camryn and I got there about half an hour after it opened on a Sunday morning and found some cute... and not so cute stuff.

First we were really mad our mom didn't go... cause she'd have wanted to buy these overalls and then where them unironically to work.

Then we took to the racks for hunt for the things I'd found would be "in" this fall... blazers, ski sweaters, pencil skirts, and fur.

So I browsed while debating Camryn about 90's fashion being back... I call the current trends 90s part 2... she doesn't agree... but she dresses like Kurt Cobain, go figure.

We were moderately successful.

Camryn modeled a few blazers, but laughed when I suggested buying one for her. My taste is so not cool.

Note she is wearing a clip on tie with her T-shirt with the next one. She really wanted me to buy it for her... she thought it would be a conversation piece. She'd prefer a tie with a fish on it.

Then... perusing the racks I fell in love with an oversized Cosby sweater.

I totally bought it to wear with leggings and slouchy boots. Bonus I found a book to go with it.

Camryn also found a new look.

All in all I found the black blazer Camryn modeled... the Cosby sweater... and a camel cardigan with a faux fur collar. Camryn hated it... I love it. It's by Kathie Lee... I will wear it ironically.

Before we move on to the next thrift store... a look at some other fun stuff we found.

Like maternity leather pants:

The shortest skirts ever: I'm fairly certain ass cheeks hang out when people wear these.

And a dress once worn by Rose Nylund, Bonus points if you can name the episode.

Then we headed to the thrift store at Admiral and Memorial... and were less successful. I tried on a wrap dress and some cargo pants and khakis... but nothing really fit. There were some really cute shoes. But I was not on a mission for shoes.

So after Camryn found another new look:

We called it a day. All together I spent 10 bucks... got three pieces.

Now I'm going to mix it up with some low cost basics I'm going to pick up at Target and Old Navy... tanks, leggings, jeans, and a pencil skirt.

Just enough to get me through the next few pounds... without breaking the bank.



    Now I know what I'm wearing for Halloween.

  2. Love me some Camryn!!! Did she tell you I follow your blog? :)

  3. She did, thanks!

    @chatty-- I think there could be a pregnant dominatrix outfit to be made with the leather pants.

  4. You should try the 'Quality Thrift Store' at 5133 S. Peoria. They have great deals on clothes & I've found some good quality stuff. They have really good sales too!

  5. OMG, I just found your blog and I'm loving it! Can't wait to read more.

  6. @JL Thanks! I'll check it out next time.

    @Kenzie Welcome!