Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Notes about vacation eating...

As I wrote earlier I wasn't really on my diet too much while on vacation.  I ate delicious burgers, drank rich beers, and tried local ice cream spots.... but I honestly think I lost a bit of weight while we were there.

It was all in how you eat and how you move.  We would wake up and Carly would eat breakfast... while I had some coffee and we would take off on an adventure, either a walk in nature, a shopping trek, whatever.  We would be moving till time for lunch. 

Then we'd sit and eat and relax and take off on something else.  We were like hummingbirds flitting from thing to thing... never giving the fat a chance to settle on my gut.  Just eat a meal... no snacks.  And I never found myself starving.  I'd get hungry yes, but the world didn't end if I waited till the next meal time to eat.  I never craved a snack or felt like I was starving myself.

So let's see if I can keep it up.  No food unless it's a meal time.  No Snacks to go with my No Soda. 

I'm on like Donkey Kong.

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