Sunday, February 7, 2010

Couch to 5k

As the main part of my cardio for this Fat Ass to Fit Ass challenge I am doing the Couch to 5k interval training. I'm up to week 4, aiming at an April 5k.

So let's break down the mind frame inside these training podcasts.

The idea is you do each interval 3 times a week, then move on to the next level. This is what goes through my head as I pop the podcast on every other day.

Day 1: I'm pumped and ready to go as I start the walking warm up. Then the moderator starts talking about our intervals. This week it was run 3min, walk 90secs, run 5min, walk 90secs times 2.

Initially I think it's okay. I'm used to 3 minute intervals and get through it... it's the 5 minute run that makes me scream.

I'm not kidding. By the end of the 1st 5 minute interval I am screaming on every exhale. Not loud cause then Mems would think I was being murdered, more like a grunt every time my left foot bits the treadmill.

I sound like a Williams sister.

Then 90 seconds comes and a I catch my breath and walk for a bit before the pace quickens again.

The second 3 minutes goes better, by this point my legs are feeling the pain, my arms are getting sore and my abs are tight. I often think my body is rejecting the idea of running.

Before I know it I'm in that last 5 minutes, and the only thing getting me through is the fact that I did it once so I can do it again. And I do finish the last interval and a cool down walk.

Then I get off the treadmill on shaky legs and plop in the floor panting and sweaty.

Day 2 goes a bit better. The intervals aren't as tough to finish. While I am still using the patented Williams sister grunt to get through the tough parts of the runs... in fact I think I'm going make it my trademark running noise. Sorry anyone who runs near me in the future.

So I make it through 2 days and during the 3rd day it's time to decide if I need one my day at week 4 or if I'm ready for week 5. This usually is based on how much pain I'm in... and this is a week where I need one more run at this week's pace before I move on.

Keeping in mind that I will be on this plan a little longer than the allotted 9 weeks, I'm aiming for the Aquarium Run in May, if training goes well I could pick an earlier run or if it goes badly I could pick a later one.

After that hurdle I'm switching to a 10k training program. Goal will be a 10k leg in the Route 66 marathon relay, at least I think there is a 10k leg.. I did a 5k leg last year. If not I'll find another goal.

SO I guess this is kind of my half way to a 5k check in, my knee is holding up and I think one more week 4 run will put have me raring to go to week 5 later this week.

So if you see a blonde woman grunting while running at a park in the next few weeks, don't be alarmed... it's just this fat ass.

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