Friday, February 5, 2010

Cookie Monster

As I type this there is a batch of cookies baking in the oven.

This is in part because Mems is sick and has an insane sweet tooth and in part because I don't feel too great right now.

What is it about being sick that makes you crave fatty comfort foods? I've been pretty much in bed all day because my sinuses are going crazy and my head feels like it's in a vise.

As such, I haven't gotten on the treadmill today. Headache + Running = Pain for Kate. But I have been good with my eating habits, until the cookies.

On the plus side of being sick I have almost caught up completely on my DVR... and watching The vampire Diaries is enough to make me want to keep up with my running and find myself a young Vampire to make me immortal once I reach my ideal weight.

I am pretty proud that this is the first scheduled run I missed this week. It was a really hard week, from ongoing sinus hell to evenings of back to back meetings. But I made sure to carve out a little time everyday to get that run or walk in.

It's honestly made a huge difference just in my ability to get more done in the day, to feel better throughout the day and I'm sure my co-workers can attest that I am much less bitchy.

Although... I'll always be at least a little bitch.

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