Friday, February 19, 2010

Lysacek Groupie...

Like most of the world right now I am currently obsessed with watching the Olympics.

There is something patriotic about watching people in far better shape than you perform athletic feats that you can never do. And in my case watching while sitting around eating.

So that's been my life the last few days, it culminated last night with the Men's Figure Skating Free Skate. I've been a figure skating dork since my younger days. I spent a lot of my younger days watching and practicing jumps on the hardwood floors in my house.

I even attempted to skate on ice once, it wasn't pretty. I busted my knee and took out a row of children.

Instead I watched Plushenko, Weir and the delectable Evan Lysacek last night. I found myself staring at Lysacek's legs (I may have said aloud that I'd like to wrap his legs around me (non sexually of course.))

The line of his legs and his muscle development went from being drool-worthy to being inspiring. Everything I've read about Lysacek details his determination above his skill, the hours he would spend practicing and working to reach his goal-- the gold medal.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to start training like an Olympic athlete and run a marathon in the near future. But, I can damn sure get up in the morning and do Couch to 5k; week five day 3... tough run or not I can do it tomorrow and I can get up and do it the day after... and eventually I will tackle my goal and get that 5k done and keep going.

Hell, if these people can win medals, running a 5k is the least I could do.

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