Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flashing Passers by

My running pants have a tiny pocket in the back. It hits right about the small of my back.

I usually wear these pants to run on the treadmill so it's never been used. So when I decided to run Lafortune this morning I knew I'd actually used this pocket to hold my car key.

So around 8 this morning I locked up the car, cued my iphone up to my training podcast and zipped the Jetta key in my back pocket. Then I took off. I'd just finished my warm up walk and started to jog when I felt the king bouncing against my back.

Then as I picked up speed I felt the back of my pants start to slip from the key in my pocket. Of course, I happened to be running on the part of the Lafortune track that goes with traffic along Yale... so as I'm running my interval I'm frantically holding my pants up to avoid flashing my ass to all.

I mean while I fully admit to having a cute ass, I don't want the entirety of Tulsa to see it... so I stopped and took the key out of my pocket and went back to my usual hiding spot.

I dropped it in my sports bra... boobs are awesome for storing things.


  1. "Boobs are awesome for storing things" might just turn out to be the quote of the week.

  2. I like that quote too. You should build a business of some sort with that as the tag line under the company name. Maybe a line of bras with pockets inside! I get 1/2 credit and renumeration for coming up with the idea though!