Thursday, August 26, 2010

Luscious Lemons

So this was supposed to be a witty and informative blog about this awesome "Farmer's Market" cooking class I was taking... but it got canceled.

I mean really I had this whole story about how I signed Mems and I up for the class and she said yes cause she thought I was joking. I asked why she thought it was a joke and she looked at me and said 'because you can't tell the stove from the oven.' She was dead serious.

So I found a delightful last minute replacement... and then the class go canceled. Undaunted I decided to experiment in the kitchen anyway.

I tried this lowfat lemon bar recipe I found on Fitness magazines website:

So a quick trip to the store and I got to work in the kitchen.

Mixing and baking the crust... I got my hands dirty and mixed the ingredients and prepped the pan by hand.. then tossed it in the oven while I made the filling.

Then I made the filling and remembered why I hate to cook:

But... I cleaned while the goodies baked... and soon had my counter sufficiently clean... I'm kind of anal about a clean kitchen. Well... really Mems is and she's not nice when she's angry.

Then 20 minutes later the lemon bars were ready to cool... sprinkled with a little powdered sugar... and then tested by me.

Don't they look delightful?

I will now leave you with these two truths... I had more than one bar... and they are orgasmic.

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