Monday, September 27, 2010

Hitting the trail...

I mentioned earlier I signed up for a 6k leg of the Route 66 marathon... the last time I ran any distance at all it was about a mile and a half on the treadmill at my gym.

So I decided to jump back into the training... and make my dogs go along. If you've ever met my Bella Boo you know she needs to lose about 5 pounds.

So we set off.
That's my view of furry dog butts.  The jog started out fine, we hit the park down the street from my house and while they trotted with me I jogged around the trail.  But Bella only wanted to do that for a bout 5 minutes.  then she wanted to sit down and wait for me to carry her home.  I did not agree.

So I forced her along and we went about the entire trail one time and headed back to the house.  Now my genius babies decided that every driveway we passed must be their house and they were finally free from the horrible-ness of the evil walk and their slave driving mother.

Eventually we did get home and they got to recuperate in their own ways.  Bella likes to collapse on the bathroom floor and pant until she cools off.

Molly hides under the bed and hopes we all leave her alone until she's ready to take on the world again.

My recuperation?

I got on the treadmill and got a real run in after those lazy bitches cut my first run short.

This time I watched Dancing with the Stars on mute (Brooke Burke is cute, but should not be allowed to talk. At. All.)

I noticed some interesting things, like did you know that the older Florence Henderson gets the more she looks like Alan Alda?

Or that Michael Bolton can't dance to save his life? 

I also decided that I'm going to wear a cool headscarf like Brandy, she looks like laidback hippie cool.. I'll look like Rhoda Morgenstern... but I'm okay with that.

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