Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going Spinning...

Another first for me this week... taking the advice of my pal Allison and took her spin class at the Gold's Gym in Broken Arrow.

Now, I've never done spin.  I have a bike I ride periodically but nothing hardcore cause I have a bum knee, so I was a little apprehensive about how my knee could handle the class.

I got there and Allison helped me set up the bike to fit and we talked about just listening to my knee when it came to the incline and the sitting vs. standing while riding... then it was time for class to start.

BTW Allison taught the class in a sparkly pink tutu.  She's so one of my fave people.

I got a little daunted when she explained the different songs and how we were going to race, do intervals and climb a mountain.  All dedicated to getting our heart rate to 90% maxed to really burn.  Oh holy hell did we do that.

The class started with us sitting and pedalling till we found our base push then we'd up the resistance and stand to pedal as fast as we could for different intervals.  Now I can tell you that my knee could not handle standing up.  I tried and if my knee could have talked it would have said "Fuck no!"

So I did the class sitting, still upping the resistance as much as I could till I'd feel the pressure in my knee.  I could feel the burn for the entire 45 minutes and the sweat was dripping off of me while we went through the class.

And the entire time I was pushing through to that max heart rate, sweat pouring quads and glutes on fire I never felt like I could do it.  I just kept thinking of getting rid of the toxins (read vodka) I'd had over the weekend and tightening my legs for future mini-dress wearing.

Of course by the end of class I was focused on something else... namely my booty and va-jay-jay.  For serious there was an insane amount of pain from that seat.  Most of that is because I was on the seat for the entire class instead of standing and sitting... but holy hell I wanted to scream. 

Next time (and yes, there will be a next time) I'm taking my padded seat from my regular bike... I need to protect the baby maker.


  1. When I went to spin class I really thought I was going to die in class. The instructor came up to me an whispered "It's ok, don't push yourself too much." ha! If I ever get in better shape I may do it again but not in the state my body is in. I commend you for persevering!

  2. Yea!!!! I made the blog!!! :D And you can borrow my hot pink tutu anytime!
    As for the pain in your babymaker, I promise it gets better. You learn how to sit and....adjust yourself so that dosent happen. Promise. You did awesome!! You'll be surprised how quickly you build up your endurance.

  3. That sounds like RPM.... There are different spin classes where the resistance is different and there's more of a combination of quick standing and sitting. Not as hard on the ass. But maybe try a padded seat.