Monday, October 4, 2010

On The Road

If you're reading this post, it's because I'm somewhere on a highway to Kansas City, or if you've waited to read it I'm on the road to Minneapolis.  The point is I'm on a 10 hour road trip and I'm a snacker.

So I prepped for the trip with a trip to the grocery store for some healthy options.

String Cheese... sliced apples... rice cakes and bottled water.

I also stocked up on gum.  Anything to keep my jaw busy while driving.  I'll probably be singing aloud at the top of my lungs too.  Scaring the dogs and what not. 

I was asking about healthy snack options on the Fat Ass Facebook and got some suggestions. 

Beef Jerky... granola bars... what healthy foods do you take along on vacations? Or are you one of those lucky people without the snack gene? 

If you are don't meet me in person or I may punch you.


  1. The snack gene is my nemesis. I find that baby carrots really does it for me when I'm needing a crunch. I can eat a whole bag at a sitting. Good luck!

  2. I went with chewing gum for a large part of the ride. I chewed almost an entire pack.