Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

I was walking down the hall a few minutes ago when Mems yelled at me to come into her room... then she told me she could finally tell I'd been losing weight.  My body is weird like that, I'll bust my ass at the gym and stop eating junk and it will take weeks for it to show up.  But it finally has and now I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow.

A week long road trip first to Kansas City to visit my Platonic Life Partner Amanda and former FOX co-hort Emily.  Then up to Minneapolis for my yearly trip to visit another former FOX cohort Carly. 
Both Kansas City and Minneapolis have some truly awesome local restaurants.  I have a list of places in Minneapolis I crave when I'm not there.  So this trip will be a test of my will. 

And you lovely dears get to go along for the ride.  A week (give or take) of blogs about staying on track without scrimping on fun while on vacay.

So cue up the GoGos.... I'm hitting the road.

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