Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Primmer's Platueau

Our weekly update from Primmer offers some insight into workout plateaus... and taking control.

Alright, I got another week behind me and I still feel great. I wasn't feeling as good early in the week, and I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. But as the week went on I could really feel progress. I ended the week 4 lbs lighter than I started it so now I feel awesome.

I want to talk a little about hitting the wall. Sometimes I know that around week 4 or 5, it seems like I hit a plateau, where I don't feel like I am making any progress, and just spinning my tires. But... I have a little solution for that.

I say you should make your own plateau. Take a proactive stance and level yourself off, just for one week. Don't up any weights, don't run extra miles, don't work out any longer than you did the previous week. It will help you build a little confidence going into the next week, and will help you continue on your pace. I say do this every 4-5 weeks of training... giving your body time to acclimate to what you are doing, and by taking control of the situation you won't feel as down about it. But once the following week hits, then up it all in small amounts and you will feel great.
This week I ran 2.5 more miles total in the week, and worked out almost 100 minutes longer too. I did more reps of everything and mixed in some push-ups, instead of always using the machine. I ran 1.5 miles each day, and as always on the last quarter mile, I also upped my mph by half a mile to finish out the run. I then walk at least a mile after that, and then hit the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. Then every other day I hit the weights.

My eating habits are doing good. Still no sweets, and always eating tuna (I can't help it, I love the stuff). Protein powder in the morning within 45 minutes of working out, and then a banana for a snack later in the day, and then 2 cans of tuna at night with 12 wheat thins. That gives me a lot of protein and enough carbs to carry it to my muscles. But I also always take a multi-vitamin every day, I think it's important.

So I am 13 lbs lighter and only 52 lbs to go. Hopefully I can break into the 220's this week and keep the momentum up, especially while creating my own plateau.

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