Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Workout Wednesday: Going Stripping

Time to reach into my catalogue of fitness DVDs to see how really effective they are... this week I decided to go stripping.  I'm slutty like that. (Not really.)

I broke out my Carmen Electra Strippercize DVDs, which by the way I got from a guy friend of mine years ago and you know he did not buy them to practice stripping.

First up Carmen explains to us how she's a trained dancer and stripping is dancing so we do a classic dancer warm up before we get started.  I never realized how dirty plies could be... but the warm up was a mini workout too.  I felt limber and stronger afterwards-ready to get to the nitty gritty.

Now there are 2 routines on the dvd, so this will just focus on the 1st routine-so no actual stripping yet.

Instead we get Carmen and her two back up girls in short shorts,tight tank tops,  sneakers and knee high socks.  It starts off easy enough with head rolls (hair flips) and hip shakes to each side.

Electra promised to work our abs, ass and legs... and she's not lying.  I immediately feel it in my obliques and my butt.  Then we added a sexy walk (put your hands on your body and really sex it up) and what Carmen calls side plies on eight counts before smacking yourself on the ass.  Basically the leg moves were moderations of the squats I do in Body Pump minus weights.  My quads totally felt them.

From there we learned Body Rolls... basically start at your shoulders and roll all the muscles down your body while also sexily rubbing your body.  It's hard to explain and because I have no rhythm it was hard to do.  I would be a horrible stripper.  I'd just jump on stage flash boob and expect tips.  My abs were really working during the rolls 

Body Rolls end in another ass slap and then you do the whole routine backwards.  Stripping your jacket off during the sexy walk if you're so inclined.  I totally did and tossed it at my dogs who kept staring at me.  (strange girls)

So final verdict on the 1st phase of Strippercize.  It worked my abs, ass and quads.  Lots of squats and hip action worked my obliques and abs, not to mention that I sucked my gut in to do the dance.. cause no one likes a fat stripper.

There was also the crawl-basically walking your arms down your body in a sexy manner that really stretched the hamstrings and toned the lower back, which is a problem area  for me of the weak abs.

It also turns out to be some good cardio just from the repetition.  You're constantly moving which keeps your heart rate up and by the end of the workout you've gone through different parts of the workout at least 6 times, and in its entirety together three times.    So I worked up a sweat... worked some muscles I rarely use... and totally got to break out my white girl rhythm. Not a bad work out at all.

Now.. to pick my stripper song.  What's yours?  And no you can't say "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

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