Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vegan Baking Experiment

So after busting my ass at the gym today I decided to do some baking.  Vegan baking to be specific.

For this contest on one of my fave blogs. 

After googling some options I decided to go with a Vegan Apple Crisp from this blog the only way I changed the recipe was to use canola oil instead of margarine. 

Then I gathered supplies and got to work.

Look how pretty!  Mems told me I bought the wrong kind, but I love Red Delicious and was too lazy to go back to the store to get the other kind... so I went with these.

And peeled and cored them.  I'm pretty excited I didn't peel my thumb this time.  It happens. A. Lot.

Then mixed it with sugar and flour... the recipe calls for cinnamon, but I'll let you in on a secret.  I hate cinnamon.

Then spread them out in my handy pyrex and let it set while I made the oat mixture for the crisp top.

I didn't want to use margarine cause I think it's gross and also not vegan, so I googled and found I could swap vegetable oil instead and ended up with 4 Tablespoons of oil to get the right crumbly consistency.

To the oven!  Yes it's angled on purpose to be artsy.

45 minutes at 350 in the oven and I had this... not as brown on top which Mems said was because I used oil instead of a butter substitute... but O. M. G. it was delicious.  I seriously went and got some more while posting these pictures.

It's not as crispy a crisp as I've ever had... probably more of an apple crumble... and next time I should use more apples... but I'm definitely leaving this recipe in my repetoire.

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