Thursday, December 9, 2010

Primmer Checks In...

So week 6 was a good week. I finished the week 5 lbs lighter to end up at 223. I feel good. I have been running a lot and hitting the weights continuously.

My eating habits are doing good, still no sugar and no fast food. The only thing I get sometimes is Subway, but never a whole lot. I have been eating the same old and feeling good about it.

I might try running around LaFortune next week and see how that goes. I prefer running outside but the treadmill at my apt complex is so easy to get to, plus they have weights. I'll run it and let you know how it goes.

6 weeks in and I am feeling good. 22 lbs lighter, 43 to go and 14 weeks to get there. I'm feeling good, I just hope nothing goes wrong to throw me off track. Bring it on week 7!

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