Friday, December 10, 2010

The Run Continues...

So since my marathon failure I've been running more.  I am a pansy ass so I went from the track by my house to the treadmill when it started getting cold.  But I'm still at it.  I downloaded a new 5k training podcast and started it over pushing myself to go a little faster.

I have to say, despite some residual knee pain I'm just as addicted to the sweat.  I literally feel myself getting antsy if I miss my morning run for some reason, like I'm jonesing for it.  Much better than my Mike & Ike addiction.

Here's some more running observations.  I like to think of myself as the Jack Handy of running thoughts.

-My ass is shrinking.  I was leaving for a party the other night in some skinny jeans and Mems told me I should back in because my ass looked great.  That's high praise from her.

-I may have been told that I'm almost like high school Katy again.  That only means appearance wise.  I have so much more world knowledge now, and know so many better curse words... plus my tolerance for vodka is much better.

-Award show/Pop specials are kind of awesome to watch while on the treadmill.  For instance the TV was on mute while I ran, but the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops special was on and first Kathy Griffin was on looking awesome in a tiny camo bikini... then Katy Perry dropped from the sky in a red and white bustier with sequined hot pants... and my reserve to power through the last of my intervals was strengthened.

- I get really sweaty.  Not like cute, red cheeked "glowing" bullshit.  I'm red faced, frizzy haired and drenched in sweat.  Admit it, you think that's hot don't you?

- The running is helping me get more daring with my clothing choices.  I wore leggings as pants.  That's almost as good as Conan wearing jeggings, but not quite.

-The best running music is Pink.  First her songs, even the ballads have a beat that's perfect for my speed, and 2nd she's in such awesome shape I just think about that when I feel like stopping.  Pink can kick anyone's ass so I can finish those fucking intervals.

- Coming in a close second is Eminem.  One- I have an inappropriate crush on him so it takes my mind off the running... and also I enjoy run-rapping.

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