Friday, December 3, 2010

Pump Up The Jam

So if you follow me on Twitter and have read the blog in the past you know I'm a little obsessed with Body Pump.  It's the one thing I keep written on my calendar no matter what.  I've missed shopping trips and scheduled hair appointments around my weekly class.. but is it doing any good?

The short answer is yes. 

The long answer is hell yes, I can see it in a million little ways.

Aestheically my legs are slimmer, I have biceps and triceps forming and my back is tighter.  But  I'm also stronger.

I have more stamina when I'm running, I can lift heavier boxes and could probably kick a variety of people's asses.  Watch out asshats.

Last week I upped my weight, doing 20lbs for squats, and 15 for back... 10 for arms and my bum knee means no weight for lunges.  Holy hell did it hurt. 

Halfway through the squat track my legs were shaking, the bottom half reps were making me want to scream and there was sweat dripping down my nose... but I kept going. 

When I started these classes I'd be the first one to stop when it hurt or strained to hard.  Screw that burn, I'd be satisified with just doing enough to break a sweat... but now I want to see more results.

Week after week, either alone or with my corner of peeps (Hey Wes, Jason and Ann!) I'm looking for the burn... for the pain that tells me I'm pushing my muscles, then I'm satisfied.  I want to leave class sweaty and drained. 

It helps me feel less guilty about my addiction to fried pickles.

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