Monday, December 6, 2010

Meatless Monday! (Kind of)

So my meatless monday meal today consists of some falafel from a few weeks ago ( I froze a couple to see how they hold up) hummus and salad.  So I have no fancy recipe for you today.

The other day I was talking with my mother and she was talking about an article she read in Time that talked about how centuries ago being curvy or chubby was a sign of wealth because you could afford to eat more.

Now it's a sign you can't afford to buy healthy foods like fresh veggies and fruits and are instead eating cheaper, carb-laden foods.  I found this really interesting, I can see the point of the article... I know I spend a lot more on groceries now than I did before I started eating better.  But it's not impossible to stick to a budget and stay healthy.

So I went back to Time for some advice- Healthy Eating Costs

And some tips from Spark People- Healthy Eating On Budget

How do you guys eat healthy without breaking the bank?

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  1. My secret is, well, spending more money on food than on other things in my life (cable, an inefficient car, expensive clothes, etc.). A few ways I do save money, though, is to skip processed foods and make my own, such as almond milk and soup. I need to start doing my own vegetable broth, too. I also make sure produce is the majority of what I buy.