Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Bendy With It

I think you've all figured out that I'm willing to try pretty much anything at least once. 

I've gone trapezing... taken dance classes... pilates... swimming... eaten shark, alligator, lamb, brussel sprouts... mixed prints, worn white after labor day.

Now, in my quest to be the fitted Kate I can be... I'm trying yoga.

Luckily my pal Tasha had an in for me at  Inner Peace Yoga Tulsa and I took the "Yoga for Athletes" class.

I've never done yoga, I have this brain that never stops, while I'm running I'm making to-do lists, at Body Pump I'm thinking about e-mails I need to send.  When I try to sleep I lay in bed and think of 7million things I need to do the next day.

Yoga forces you to stop the madness and relax and stretch and work your body.   It was exactly what I needed.

My first body pump class in 2 weeks was a tough one and I could barely walk from sore quads.  

So, I got to the class and filled out the forms, talked to the instructor and got situated for class. 

There were just a few of us, and we all stretched out waiting for the class to begin. 

Then Kris came in and started the peaceful music and started telling us how to relax our minds.... move our bodies... and calm our breathing.  5 minutes in I was hooked.

I stretched my legs up over my head, moved my knee into my rib cage, stretched my heels up to the ceiling... felt my abs pressed into my spine... stretched my lower back till it stopped hurting.  Every sore spot on my body was stretched and pulled and prodded into a looser position.

70 minutes later I was relaxed, had no back pain and could move my legs without muscle twitches.  My brain was rested.  I felt like a different person.  I can't wait to try a different class.

A more relaxed sarcastic yogi..


  1. Nice! My wife, Linda, goes to Inner Peace every saturday morning as well as other times. She loves it!

  2. Kris is AWESOME! Have fun at Inner Peace and if you ever take Keri's Power Yoga (12:30PM Tuesdays) you'll see me!