Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Month of Weight Watchers down... many more to come.

So Monday was officially my first month of Weight Watchers.

I celebrated by hitting my 5% weight goal at my meeting.  So yay!

Getting into the points plus program has been pretty helpful.  Since I've gone vegan and been on the program I've actually been able to eat more and still lose weight. 

Some nights I even have trouble meeting my point goal.  It's helped make me think about what I eat, plan my meals and be responsible for what I'm putting into my body.  

It's harder for me than I thought it would be.

The plan has also helped me pinpoint where I'm going wrong in my diet plan. 

Like- the 1st week I dropped 5 pounds... while I'm not expecting to maintain that much weight loss every week, going from that down to a bout 1.5 or 1 per week... was a disappointment.

So I looked back at my log (I log online) to see what I changed in my diet.. like too much rice one week, too many potatoes and salty options the next. 

So I'm starting my 2nd month.  Hoping to re-create the 11 pounds I lost in the 1st month... knowing even if I don't... any loss is good.

I should point out that I joined Weight Watchers the same month Carrie Fisher joined Jenny Craig... so this is the year for sarcastic bitches to get thin.

I suppose being thin will make my mouth seem bigger.

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