Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day challenge...

So Tulsa is a winter wonderland.  Piles and piles of snow everywhere, my Jetta buried in a snow drift. 

But I'm not homebound.  I work in news, we don't get snow days. 

So a photog with 4-wheel drive has been taking me to work every morning, that means long days, busy days, few breaks for lunch or food at all. 

I've been in snack overload.  The first day after the storm I didn't have time to pack food before my ride got there... so I grabbed an apple and orange and was off.

Of course the snow meant most restaurants were closed, so the station brought in food from the only thing that was open... What-a-Burger.

Not the best time to be a vegan.  In the end I had some hashbrowns for breakfast and some french fries for lunch... before trekking home and making a green smoothie to boost my energy. 

So I planned ahead, making a smoothie for breakfast to pop in the fridge, slicing an apple, peeling an orange and bagging some grapes.

Mixing a spinach salad to take with me and then loading it in a big cooler bag... and then camping out at my desk putting the news together for the next 10 hours.

I'm a total snacker, so luckily I grazed on my fruit most of the day... drank a lot of water... but I couldn't skip it all.

I broke down and ate 4 nutter butter cookies.  I just can't resist peanut butter.

But I hit the treadmill for 20 minutes to make up for it a bit.

How are you staying healthy during the snow storm?

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