Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fat Ass Loves Sushi... kind of.

So I've been on a sushi kick lately. Not really because I'm vegan and even when I ate meat I still didn't like seafood.

But I was at Yokozuna in downtown Tulsa a month or so ago and had an avocado roll and fell in love.  A-I love avocado and B-I felt all fancy using chopsticks.

So this weekend my friends and I decided to go to the restaurant before catching Avenue Q at the PAC and I went a little crazy with sushi again.

I went for a veggie roll and 2 avocado rolls... my eyes were bigger than my stomach... but I did chow it down.   Deliciously.

Then I while I was scanning my fave Fitness websites and I spotted a link about the healthiest sushi options on Fitsugar and it seemed kind of kismet for a post on sushi.

I did some digging and the avocado roll is 4 Weight Watchers points and the veggie roll is 7 Weight Watcher points.

So my gorging on the rolls last night was about half my points for the day, but it was also my only big meal.  My lunch salad was only about 4 points.  So score for the sushi binge.

Now I know I'm weird in my sushi consumption (if you can even call it that since there's no fish) and a majority of sushi eaters want to eat the seafood... so here's the Fitsugar post that inspired this one.

Low Calorie Sushi Orders

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  1. I never liked fish sushi even when I was a meat eater. I guess, to be fair, I only ever tried California rolls, but I always preferred the veggie kind. Yokozuna has a delicious mushroom roll. It contains cream cheese, though, so it's not vegan, but it's incredible.