Monday, July 11, 2011

New Trainer....

So I'm kind of addicted to Apps.  Especially now that I have my iphone back.  I did not enjoy my short stint in blackberry hell.

Last weekend I bought a new app to improve my 5k time, it was 2 bucks and it's Jeff Galloway.  If you're not familliar with him, look him up.  When I started running he's the guy I used- he created the run/walk program that I still use.

Now I'm using the program which awesomely uses my own songs as a playlist and speeds up the beat to match the suggested speed.  It makes my runs go a lot smoother and go by a lot faster.

The catch is that I'm not running as long in this new training process, though I am running a full mile per hour faster than before. 

So in an effort to keep up my mileage I'm running every day now, but just about 20 minutes a day, still planning on a 4 miler on Saturday or Sunday, even if it's at my slower place I need to get some miles in... hopefully it'll be a faster couple of miles than normal.

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