Monday, August 29, 2011

Cholesterol, Smolesterol

So I went to the doctor for my annual check up last week... and got some weird news with my blood tests this week.

Turns out I have horrible cholesterol.  Like bad cholesterol that's borderline stroke risk.  But I don't eat food with cholesterol so I'm pretty curious as to how it go so flippin' high.  It's an enigma.

So what did my doctor tell me to do to lower it?  Exercise.  You know I run 4 days a weekand do weights and pilates 3 days a week and that's evidently not helping ( though I wonder how bad my cholesterol would be if I didn't do this).

I ended up getting on google to find ways to lower my bad cholesterol and the handy Mayo Clinic website offered my 10 things to do that I already did, so that was helpful.

In reality I'm adding flax seed and oatmeal to my smoothie and spent $40 bucks Omega3 supplements.  So now I have indigestion that tastes like tuna salad.  Sweet!  Not really.

You know I always wanted to be mysterious... turns out my body just like to behave in mysterious ways.

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  1. My husband has gone on a raw food diet and his cholesterol went up. Turns out his mom and grandma have high cholesterol. In some cases it is just hereditary.