Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going Global

I noticed a billboard for a new mongolian BBQ place the other day on my way home from the gym and I realized that I rarely eat American food anymore.

Most of my meals are Lebanese, Asian or Mexican.  I'm not surprised really, American cuisine is inherently based on meat or animal products.  In fact, I think the only times I eat American is when I'm eating a boca burger.

Instead my meals consist of falafel, hummus, stir fry, sushi, and vegan Mexican food.  It's all easy to make and pretty healthy.  It's by no means International Cuisine... for that you have to check out the Global Table Adventure

Some day I'll be daring enough to try some more exciting cuisine (Thai and Indonesian are up on the list)... but until then I'll stick with my old stand bys.

What nationality is your fave food?


  1. have you tried Indian food? I am not a fan but it is inheritedly vegan.

  2. I want to try Indian food too. I've heard good things about it, I don't do well with spicy but I'm going to go for it.