Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

We used to have this tradition at my house.  Pops would put the tree together (never real, the firefighter Pops refused) then Mems and I would decorate while he watched.

When I was younger and easily distracted by shiny objects (well more distracted than I am now) I never noticed Mems' OCD with the tree.  I'd put some ornaments on an then wander around while Mems finished. 

As I got older I realized I'd put an ornament on the tree and then Mems would move it literally minutes after I hung it.  Eventually I refused to help decorate the tree.   I'd just sit in the living room with Pops while Mems did it.

Then Pops died and Mems didn't even want to put a tree up the next Christmas.  So I did.  I went and got the tree out of the barn and wrestled with it till it was up and fluffed in the living room.  I left the ornaments out and waited for Mems to go Southern Living on the tree.  It didn't happen.

So I channeled Martha Stewart and went balls to the wall with the tree.  Hanging every single ornament we had on the tree.  Mems never helped that year, but she finally got some Christmas spirit going and next year she was all for getting the tree out.

I put it up and started decorating while she was in the living room with me.  That's when she started moving the ornaments after I hung them again.  So I forbid her from helping me decorate.  I alone am in charge of the tree.  She's in charge of the rest of the house and picking the theme.

Pink and White

All red with black & white paper.

My favorite: Black & White

Victorian.  Complete with little people
I've decided next year I want the tree to be Barbie pink.  Mems just laughed at me.

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