Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting organized...

I'm a stereotypical Type A personality.

I'm obsessed with making lists, typing appointments into my calendar, crossing things off, putting things in their places.  But my diet can slip through the cracks.

I'll overbook myself and forget to make time to cook healthy or work out, or I'll skip meals in favor of getting stuff done which is hell on my already sucky metabolism.

Now this week's Weight Watchers lesson is about getting organized to stay healthy.  So I'm working on organizing my health plans this week.

I'm addicted to calendar reminders so I set three reminders to track my WW points, one after the time I normally eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I added my running plan to the weekly schedule I write on my dry erase board.  And I plotted every meal this week.

That part was easy, I'm on a detox diet because I've been retaining salt like whoa. So I made a batch of low salt soup, a batch of brown rice to eat with veggies and made sure I have a stock pile of fruit. 

Then I sat down and made a to do list of everything I need to get done this week so I can spread it out instead of getting overwhelmed one day realizing I need to get crap done and I've been sitting around watching Murder She Wrote. 

SO let's see how this goes.  Type A engaged.

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