Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5K Fun!

I ran a 5k on Saturday.

I know, I run a 5k every other day on the treadmill, but this one was outside!  And it was tough.

I love running on my treadmill.  I get less sweaty, I control my pace more, and I don't have to deal with those pesky hills that hurt my knee.  But this was a 5k to benefit my former high school (Nathan Hale) and we got some awesome t-shirts that say 'Fit as Hale' so I signed up.

Sidenote- going to Hale was a lot of fun when cheering our really bad teams on, "We're going to beat the Hale out of you!" 

So I did it, I put on my Tshirt and pigtail braids and set my iPhone to my training program and took off on the 3.1 miles through my neighborhood.

I started out strong, but it's been a crazy long time since I ran outside.  I'm legitmately obsessed with the treadmill.  Some of the intervals went better than others. 

I walked a bit more than I wanted too, but I was also running faster in my running legs, which BTW is not very fast.  At one point in the 5k a small child skipping was ahead of me, but I eventually passed her.  Suck it!

I also passed the 20-somethings in their cute tiny running outfits who didn't make it past the first hill running.  I did not beat the apparent track team that all sprinted off at start and were probably halfway through The Avengers before I was even halfway done with the run.

But finally, I finished and huffing and puffing sprinted past the finish line and checked my time.  37:15!

The last time I ran a 5k outside (over a year ago) my time was around 43 minutes and when I run on the treadmill every other day my time is usually 38.  I shaved time running outside!

Elated and exhausted I grabbed a banana and started my walk back home, oh-did I mention I walked to the 5K cause it was near my house?  That was fine before the run, not as much fun the way back.

By the time I meandered home I had a message from one of the other 5Kers that I'd won a medal and she picked it up for me and would give it to my mom.  I won a medal?

That made no sense, but she told me I was 2nd in my age group.  Best I can figure is there were 2 people in my age group that ran.

It did look nice on Bella Boo.

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