Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WW lesson: Motivations

My entire life I've wanted to be able to wear a pair of jeans with a white tank top and not have to wear a jacket to cover my stomach.

Whenever I've lost a chunk of weight the first thing I do is put on my favorite jeans and see if I can do it, or if my stomach is still too poochy.  I told people when I get married (at City Hall) I want to be in the perfect comfy jeans and a white tank top with simple flats.  It's an obsession.

I tell you this story to talk about motivation.  This week in Weight Watchers we talked about what motivated us to join.  Most people chimed in with health reasons, issues with food, etc. I kept quiet.

Until my new WW hero piped up 'I joined when I was 23 because I wanted to land a guy.'  I felt a lot less guilty about my aesthetic reasons for signing up.  I just want to wear a tank top, damn it!

The meeting did help keep me on track and motivated.  I had a crappy weigh in, I gained 3 pounds.  I blame my two meals out on Friday and my gooey chocolate dessert and two Cosmos.  But I had a really crappy Friday.  I think we've established I'm an emotional eater.

So in my pissed off state the motivation aspect of the WW meeting was much needed and hit at a perfect time. I was discouraged, upset, and bitter over a crappy week of life and WW, but I left thinking of that damn white tank top.

So I'm back at it again this week.  Tracking, running, yoga.  Let's see if I lose that 3 and a couple more pounds.

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