Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Battle of Cholesterol


Remember when I talked about how much my cholesterol sucked last year?  And the stuff I was going to do to make it go down?

You do?  Awesome.

Turns out that stuff DID NOT work!  So my cholesterol is still borderline stroke and my doctor told me to exercise more and eat salmon.  

The only problem- I already workout on average 6 times a week and I don't eat meat... so I guess we'll just see what happens? 

I'm fairly positive my body hates me and produces cholesterol all by itself since I eat hardly any animal products to produce cholesterol.  


The day I got the news Mems offered to make me a burger and fries for dinner.  I almost said yes.

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  1. Kate, I feel your pain. I had basically the same struggle. I ended up just getting on medicine. And after a year even the meds weren't keeping it under control. So we upped the dosage. It is currently good, but I know how frustrating it can be to be doing all the right things with seemingly no result. Just keep trying. That is all we can do.