Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I did on my staycation

My staycation is coming to an end and I'll soon be jetting off to Atlanta for a conference.

I've enjoyed my 10 days immensely, it's been filled with hair cuts, massages, pedicures and lunches with friends. 

I napped, I stayed off social media, I read 3 books, I took Mems to Guthrie for antiquing, I had book club, I saw friends. I slowed down. I needed to slow down. My brain was going too fast.

Here's a snap shot:

I went here. It was moving and soothing.
I went to Woolaroc. It was creepy.

But I saw the buffalo roam and the deer & antelope playing.
I went with this girl to see that guy.
That guy.

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