Sunday, November 3, 2013

Digital Detox lessons

So, I was off social media for 10 days while I was on staycation earlier this week. 

I learned a lot of about myself by skipping FB, Instagram and Twitter. 

I'm inherently a homebody, nothing is better to me than curling up with a good book and my dogs and spending the evening on my own.  Sometimes I let social media intimidate me into thinking I should be going out more, or that I'm being left out of things.

I'd never realized that I'd get a guilty or depressed feeling from scrolling through social media instead of focusing on whatever I'd decided to do at home or how I'm spending my time. Taking a step back helped me appreciate my choices and my hobbies.

Also, scrolling the interwebs on my phone keeps me from snacking.  I'm obsessively a multi-tasker and checking tweets turns out to keep me from wanting to snack.  I gained half a pound during my digital detox.

And, I spent a lot of time in my head.  Reminding myself that I like me and I like spending time alone. Well as alone as I can be with the dogs.  And Mems.

These lessons carried over into a recent trip I took for work.  I was traveling alone and was forced to spend time with myself, in my head.  I think it was beneficial.

How comfortable do you feel alone?

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