Friday, May 23, 2014

Doing the detox

So, I did a detox. 

The Dr. Oz 3 day detox to be exact. I spotted it on Pinterest one night and on a whim decided to do it. 

So, I went to Sprouts and stocked up on everything I needed and made sure to eat one last delicious meal before I was off food for three days. 

Breakfast was a cup of green tea with lemon and stevia and the breakfast drink.
 Breakfast drink was my favorite. It had a nice flavor and was easy to make, not a ton of chopping.

The smoothies are also pretty huge so it was hard to be hungry. I got a smoothie for every meal and could repeat one of the drinks as an afternoon snack.

I never repeated the lunch smoothie. It was not my favorite, but it was tolerable.

The green lunch monster before it was blended.

And after it was blended. 

It had cucumber, kale and coconut in it, which are not my favorite things. But I made it every day and chugged it down. The flavor was okay, I wish it was a little sweeter. But I get that I was off sugar.

Dinner drink, being shot by Jack Bauer.
 Dinner drink was also ok. My mango wasn't super ripe, but the blueberry/coconut water combo was nice. It was easy to stomach, except for the kick of cayenne pepper.

Bath time!
The detox also called for a nightly 30 minute detox bath, that's 2.5 cups of epsom salt and 10 drops of lavender oil. It's apparently good to soothe muscles and ease bloating?

It was nice to have an excuse to soak in a bath and read the new Carole Radziwill book every night. I do love lavender so that was also nice.

Final verdict it was easier than I thought and I noticed some changes. I slept better than I've slept in months. I'm assuming that's the lack of caffeine. I did feel clearer in the head, but I also got really punch drunk at times between drinks.

A friend at work told me to stop talking because he wasn't sure what I was going to say if I kept talking.

I didn't workout during the detox since I wasn't eating a lot of protein and I thought it could make hunger more of an issue.

According to the scale I lost 5 pounds, I think that was probably water weight. I am staying off sugar and caffeine post detox.

According to Mems my stomach looks flatter. So we'll see if it keeps up.

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