Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Early to Rise...

...makes my brain fried.

I've been threatening to do it for weeks, but I finally got up at 5 this morning and high tailed it to the gym for the 5:30 Body Pump class.

I've been going to the Saturday morning class for the last few weeks, and going to an evening class once in a while. I did the class with the upped weight I tried last time, hoping I wouldn't be as sore after this class.

I started off tripping over the mat as I tried to walk it over to my spot on the floor. Then I dropped my phone and broke it for a short time. But eventually the workout woke up my brain and I made it through the class without injuring myself or anyone else.

Spurred on by my workout, I took a shower and ran a ton of errands before work. I guess that happens when you get up 4 hours before your shift starts. I was feeling productive before my day really even started. Suck on that people who sleep normal hours.

Since I started Body Pump classes I have seen a big change in my muscles. Push ups and planks used to be almost impossible for my flabby arms and mid-section but now I can handle both much better than I used to... soon I'll be able to kick everyone's ass.

The class is also giving me a lovely set of "guns" which I flex and show to Mems whenever I think of it. She is not amused. If any of you see me in person I'll probably whip out the guns for you too.

The downside is that now it is 830 and I could easily go to sleep right now. Brain has checked out of the building.


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  2. When I get up that early, my brain usually checks out by 330p so props to you for making it to 830p!

  3. I wish I had the motivation to get up that early to exercise. I really need to get back into an exercise routine of some sorts. I have been walking more, so that's a start. You are an inspiration.

  4. My guns are slowly getting bigger... I'm too much of a pansy to up the weight anymore right now.