Friday, January 8, 2010

Bella is Farting...

... probably because I gave her the last of my black beans and rice dinner. I had to do something to stop her whining. She really hates this new diet.

Bella is used to sharing whatever I'm eating, and she definitely prefers french fries to the salad and rice I keep giving her. While I'm getting healthy and chuting calories, Bella is going around whining and drooling like I'm starving her. My poor fat bulldog.

For my part I am getting used to the healthy eating. By getting used I don't mean liking it, but merely accustomed to denying myself pizza and fries. I was walking through the hallway to get some water at work today and smelled someone's pizza lunch and my mouth actually started watering. If Bella had been there we'd have matching drool.

Aside from my junk food lust, eating healthy hasn't been that hard. My credit cards are conveniently locked away in a box, so my fast food trips are non-existent unless Mems has a craving (which she does like every freaking day).

But I've found for me the best way to stick to any kind of diet is routine, so I'm sticking to my standby meals, adding different fruits and veggies to mix it up.

I'm not going to lie and say the spinach salad is better than chips and dip to snack on... the side effects of eating a bowl of spinach are much better than a bowl of chips.

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