Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Re-Watch

So I failed, I did not post on Saturday, life got in the way.

I hosted a Game Night, and it just wrapped up. I did eat some chips and dip, but not a lot and I totally avoided pizza temptation. So half-yay.

Before breaking out the board games I did hit the treadmill for a walk. I'm trying to buildup endurance, then one day I'll combine the endurance and the speed I'm building during the week.

So I'm going to be on the treadmill for 45 minutes and trying to avoid the ADD-ness, so I resorted to my pop culture obsession.

Time to re-watch one of my favorite shows, "Gilmore Girls" which I highly recommend for anyone who loves good humor and Lauren Graham in tight jeans. It also has a killer soundtrack.

So I'm on the treadmill, walking fast enough to get my heart rate up and focusing on the show to avoid finding something to clean or rearrange in the guest room.

Here's my full disclosure- I often watch shows on the treadmill now, just finished season 1 of Mad Men, but when I first started I was not adept at watching and walking. Once while watching a CSI rerun I was running, and something particularly gruesome popped up on screen so I covered my eyes, and went flying off the back of the treadmill into the wall behind me. This is an acquired skill.

But, watching the right shows can be great motivation on the treadmill. You either get so engrossed you walk/run longer than planned or if the show has the right people it can be motivation to workout harder to look like your favorite stars.

Like today, I kept thinking if I walked or ran long enough I may look as good as Lauren Graham in jeans, but my legs need to grow about 6 inches. Is there a workout for that?

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