Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's Talk About Food

It's been 2 weeks since my healthy eating and living odyssey began and I've noticed some key things.

1) my clothes are starting to fit differently, I don't like to be obsessed with a number on the scale so I like to use how my clothes fit as a gauge for weight loss. So yay, fat jeans falling kept falling down today... and my t-shirts hang loose. Woo hoo!

2) It's harder to eat bad foods now. I ate a cookie at work the other day with some frosting on it and about 20 minutes later the sugar gave me some massive stomach pain. Then today Mems had some chips and dip, and I grabbed a handful of potato chips and they were so flippin' salty I couldn't eat them. I guess it doesn't take long for your tastebuds to change.

Couch to 5K week 2 is done... Week 3 starts Monday. My goal 5K is going to be the Cinco De Mayo 5k-- if anyone else is running it let me know! Once I finish that run I'm going to start the couch to 10k training.

In other news, Bella loves potato chips. Kristin Chenowith is hilarious. And I'm much blonder today than yesterday thanks to some loverly platinum highlights.


  1. What's interesting to me is that healthy food starts tasting REALLY good after awhile. Better than in the past. The thought of a salmon filet and grilled veggies will be way more appealing than a greasy burger.