Sunday, January 10, 2010

Treadmill Fun

I did not run today, as per my Lazy Sunday rule. But while on the treadmill yesterday I used my treadmill ADD to document Bella's hatred of my treadmill time.

These are courtesy my rambling brain and my ever handy Iphone.

The treadmill starts and Bella plods into the room and hops on to her bed to give me those eyes pleading with me to stop the craziness and snuggle with her again. But she gets impatient.

So she wanders into the hall, expecting me to follow her wherever she deigns, which is the norm with bulldogs I've discovered.

When I don't follow, I get that pitiful look from down the hall.

Then her spirit is broken, and she just decides to wait for me to finish.

She takes her spot by the door, facing away from me so I know she's mad. Every few minutes she'll look over her shoulder and I'm sure she'd roll her eyes if possible.

Maybe one day I'll convince her to hop on the treadmill with me, till then I'll keep getting her furry little cold shoulder.

1 comment:

  1. I so remember the lie down on the floor facing away treatment! Yep, that's the universal sign for "I'm not talking to you" in bulldog. :)