Sunday, January 3, 2010

Steamed Veggies & The Brook

The Brook is a Tulsa tradition, known for cheese fries and burgers. It's almost sacrilegious to go to the Brook and not order a plate for fries covered with cheese, bacon and sour cream.

I ended up at the Brook for dinner last night, a group dinner with a friend visiting from out of town. So, with a growling stomach I stared at the menu for 15 minutes looking at what I wanted to eat, and what I should eat.

The waitress went around the table taking orders.. burgers, fries, loaded fries, mac and cheese. Then it's do or die time for me "low-carb grilled chicken wrap with steamed veggies."

Yes, that's right. This fat ass ordered steamed veggies at a restaurant known for delicious french fries. I deserve a damn trophy for sitting and watching people chowing down on fries and not even stealing one off their plates.

That on top of 45 minutes of Pilates that made me want to kill the perky video host with my Pilates mat meant day 2 ended on a much higher note than Day 1.

Day 3 can bring it on bitch!


  1. Good for you. We can't go there without ordering the fried mushrooms. Their fiesta burger is tasty, too.

  2. I almost got the fiesta burger instead of the wrap. I'll try it the next time I'm there.

  3. Glad that place isn't near me! Great will power! I went to the cheesecake factory today with friends and they ordered loaded nachos. I survived without as well. Little victories, right?