Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nutter Butters are Evil.

Day 1... sucked.

The day started rushed so I just ate a banana for work and didn't have time to make
anything for lunch, just grabbed a can of soup and a couple slices of cheese.

After eating my banana and cheese my stomach started growling at 10:30, way too early for lunch.

So, I had a couple of almonds from the stash at my desk and made some green tea. Which I admit did help a lot and helped me put off eating my soup till 1.

But my will power was screwed when some jackmunch I work with brought in cookies. Normally I am a) really excited about free food and b) especially excited to eat sugar, but I knew was not strong enough to resist nutter butters. So I had 2, the recommended serving size. And felt horribly guilty.

Topping the cookies I went to Wendy's for dinner because Mems wanted a chicken sandwich and I ended up with chicken strips. So my first day was pretty much a wash.

But I did get a run in last night, and some toning exercises.

And today started good, I hit the grocery store and stocked up on healthy options I can make at home.

Pilates and weights tonight, and a sensible dinner and Day 2 will be much more successful.

Here's hoping.


  1. Outside for now, I'm too much of a wuss to run when it's this cold outside. (computer ate my first response so this may post twice)