Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Apparently I am a masochist.

I see no other reason that after the pain of yesterday's run I did it again tonight. For some reason I felt like my body needed to prove to me that I am not fit and still need work.

Again, I finished the damn intervals... but my calves were not happy. I'm sure tomorrow I won't be able to walk, but at least I got in a good sweat.

Now I'm back to corralling the girls, they're getting along better, unless Molly looks at Bella wrong, then Bella reserves the right to try and kill Molly.

I bought the largest spray bottle I could find to keep both girls in check. Molly doesn't quite get why I'm spraying her, just keeps looking around for where the water came from.

Maybe I should throw them on the treadmill for punishment when they can't get along. I know that'd be a big deterrent to my bad behavior.

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