Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bouncing Back

With Tulsa hit by hopefully the final snow storm of the year the colder temps had me and I'm sure many others craving comfort foods. It's hard to resist gooey pizza and hot french fries when there's piles of snow on the ground.

So say you splurged with a trip to Joe Momma's or a big greasy burger to keep you warm on a cold night? Can you get back on the training horse?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the last week was not great for me eating wise, so I've been bouncing ideas around in my head about kick starting a healthier eating plan this week.

For me it's doubling up my water intake and adding more fruits and veggies to my diet.

I wondered if anyone else had better ways to cleanse the palate from junk and get back to healthy food... so being the social media maven I pretend to be I hit up twitter and facebook.

My fave response goes to Ed. He cusses at himself and cuts back on eating lunch out.

I think we all know I'm a fan of cursing, so he earned some brownie points. Or maybe some fruit salad points.

Besides cursing... the overall message I got from the responses is to just get up and keep going. Pizza and beer or ice cream and cake... whatever your cheat or splurge may be, it's important to always remember it's just a hurdle in your quest to get healthy or get fit... whatever you're trying to do.

Personally my quest has been renewed by the knowledge that my 10-year high school reunion is in September.

I need to be in shape to re-inact the Romy and Michelle dance.

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