Friday, March 19, 2010

Creative Workouts

I'm ridiculously impatient. I want to spend half an hour on the treadmill and step off looking like Giselle Bundchen. It's part of why I tend to lose motivation in working out.

But I am pushing through and amping up my workouts... case in point I tweaked my couch to 5k training plan last night.

I went back to one of the earlier intervals, but since my main goal is to run a 5k in half an hour, so I did the C25K interval plan but when it came time to job I upped my speed to 6 miles per hours, which is about 2 miles faster than I'm currently running, I'm a slow fat ass.

I wanted to kill myself kill myself for the first few intervals, but by the end of 20 minutes I was keeping up the pace comfortably.

So tomorrow's run, I'll do the same thing and eventually I'll be a fast cute runner instead of a huffing-puffing fat ass runner.

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