Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workout Round Up

Forgive me dear readers I've been blog negligent. I have no excuse other than being insanely busy and lazy.

I have been keeping up with the workouts. This is actually the first day this week I didn't workout cause my legs needed a break.

Here's some things I've discovered in the last few days.

1- Watching award show coverage is an excellent motivator. I was watching E! Oscar preshow while running and I hit that point where I just want to stop and walk it out. Then they started showing Sandra Bullock and I thought back to the scene in "The Proposal" where she and Ryan Reynolds do the accidental nudity. There's not an ounce of fat on her... so I kept running.

2- Weight workouts make you more sore than cardio. Tuesday was a weight day and I did 30 minutes of legs, abs and arms and parts of me are still sore. But as I talked about with a friend at work whenever I'm sore after a workout I feel powerful. Like "Fuck you gym, I'm sore but still here." I say that with a scratchy GI Joe like voice... it's like the gym is my Cobra Commander and I must master it. I'm totally referencing the cartoon and not the lame movie.

3- If you ever don't feel like working out get on Twitter and one of your friends will motivate you. Monday was a long day and I had no desire to workout. But when I mentioned it on twitter I got the motivation needed and hit the treadmill. Afterwards I felt so much better and slept like a log.

And that's your daily dose of randomness from Kate's brain.

Tomorrow I'm trying the pool at the gym, we'll see how that goes.


  1. Have fun at the pool! I have never used Twitter before, but if it has worked to motivate you, perhaps I should try it. Keep it up! I know you'll succeed.

    -Ashley Domerese

  2. Thanks chica!

    BTW-Twitter is addictive if you get started. At least it was to me.