Friday, August 3, 2012

Piles of clothes

I was going to an outdoor music fest in Tulsa last week. 

The temperature was approximately 700 degrees so I needed to wear something cool, but temperature wise and rock and roll wise.  The temperature dictated that I need to wear the least amount of clothes while staying decent.

This is hard for someone who, as previously discussed, is uncomfortable in their own skin.  I tried on outfit after outfit.  My original idea was a pair of shorts that were comfy, but a bit short for me, and a loose beaded tank top.  I tried it on and decided too much of my fat ass hung out of the shorts. 

So, I spent 45 minutes trying on all my clothes until I felt more uncomfortable in my body and was running late for the concert I wanted to see (You should all check out Ali Harter) and I ended up in the original outfit, speeding downtown.

And you know what? When I got downtown and met up with my friends and listened to the bands I went to see I forgot that my shorts were shorter than I normally wear, and that my arms were jiggly and I had fun.

Was it life changing?  Will I never have a crisis of insecurity and try on all my clothes before I leave the house?  No.  I did that on Tuesday, I decided all my clothes accentuated my gut.

But I got through it then just like I got through it last Saturday.  Maybe the more I get through it the less often it will happen.

Or I'll just start wearing shorter shorts more often.


  1. This is good. Good for you. I am really happy to hear this. Now I sound like my mother. Sorry.

  2. Ah yes, I'm also familiar with the pile of reject clothes. It tends to happen to me when I'm getting ready for work, but I'm very adamant about getting to work on time so I usually just end up settling for something that looks goofy.

    Also, I think the outfit you ended up wearing sounds pretty cute. I'm glad you had fun, sexypants!

  3. I thought of you when I wrote this post, Jennifer.

    Holly, thanks sexy pants!