Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's Get Physical!

SCENE: A sprawling gym. Treadmills and ellipticals spread thoughout the room. Weights in the corner with sweaty body builders lifting and grunting.

ZOOM IN on the chubby blonde on a treadmill in the middle of the room. She appears to be dancing while working out. Nearby work out junkies are giving her strange looks.

This could be the scene any morning I'm at the gym before work. I have a penchant for picking a Pandora station and jamming out while I'm sweating. It's taken me a few months to find the best stations to use.

You see it's a fine art to enter the right thing into Pandora to get a good selection. First I tried just typing in bands that I knew had fun workout songs... but that led to a Journey station that kept playing the Eagles (not the fuckin' Eagles)or Britney Spears stations that play her ballads.

Not conducive to sweating my ass off for 45 minutes. You have to choose an artist that works in different genres to get a true fun variety. For example- I typed in Lady GaGa who I'm not a fan of, but I got a little bit of Beyonce, some Madonna and some hard rock. It got me through a tough run.

My current obsession is the Madonna station. Since she's had about 18 musical personalities... I get a wide array of music. From No Doubt to Duran Duran to Michael Jackson.

I can't listen to these songs without putting a little wiggle in my run, pretending to play the drums on my elliptical or even doing a crazy hair flip in tune with the music... have I mentioned that I have no shame?

What gets you motivated to keep going through the workout?


  1. It's music too. Or I watch a news story I object to, but I try to save that for home as it usually leads to me talking to myself.

  2. I used to watch sports at the gym... till I realized I was yelling at the teams outloud... and getting really weird looks.