Tuesday, May 4, 2010

P90X & Ken Dolls

So I just got done doing the first day of P90x. I am alive and breathing, but I'm also exhausted and sweaty.

Which also makes me ripe with snark.

I fully admit that this was a great workout. The first day is chest, back and abs. My main workouts consist of cardio and pilates with some weights once in a while, so my chest and back needed it.

And honestly I needed the smarmy host... because wow... he is just ripe for mocking. I don't even know where to start. First he looked like a Ken Doll on steroids compete with hair that didn't move at all. And now that I think of it I can't remember his actual name... so we'll stick with Ken.

When Ken opened his mouth... you either got encouragement or the macho competition he had going on with his cohorts. Only the male cohorts that is.. the lone girl doing the workout with him he would ask for her goal totals and either make a joke or just be like "Yeah, she's a tough one!"

Now I know there's not a chance in hell I could do as many pull ups as my male counterparts... but really you need to patronize me about it?

I also fully appreciated his direction of the camera men... "Bruce zoom in on the arm circles... Shoot this sideways to show my perfect form." I imagine Bruce graduated from NYU with hopes of being the next Woody Allen... now he's taking orders from a talking Ken doll.

Okay... but besides the host the workout was pretty great. I didn't have a pull up bar so I used a heavy band and 10 pound dumb bells for it. But Ken did do well showing proper form and modifications for beginners. I could feel my back muscles working the whole hour and even surprised myself with how many push ups I could do, by the end of the hour I was sweaty and sore but felt accomplished.

Then I popped in the second part of the work out... Ab Ripper X. I think it's called that cause it will give you ripped abs... but after the 15 minute workout I feel like it's in honor of Jack the Ripper.

Abs are not my strong suit... I have a doughy gross gut (hence the reason I started this blog) and while it is getting smaller it is not getting stronger. This DVD just re-iterated that point while making my abs want to cry from their tiny tear ducts.

But I did it (with a few breaks) and I do feel better, more sore than I started.

I suppose the real test will be tomorrow when I see just how much I wince trying to breathe.

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